The Volunteer Services Council claimed non-profit status with IRS under the name of Volunteer Services Council of Richmond State School in 1972. In 2010, The VSC amended their name with the IRS to the Volunteer Services Council of the Richmond State Supported Living Center. Attached is a copy of the name change.

Although Richmond State Supported Living Center is a state-supported facility, the VSC plays a key role in obtaining goods and services unavailable through state funding. Past projects of the VSC include The Family House, The Outdoor Therapeutic Center, The Therapeutic Riding Center, Natatorium, The Religion Center, and The Lite Rock Café. Currently, the Volunteer Services Council sponsors the Birthday and Christmas Gift Program, various sporting event and recreational trips, and assists the Therapeutic Riding and Cultural Arts Programs along with Texas Special Olympics and the annual Statewide Music Festival.

If you would like information about the VSC, their current projects or how to support their mission to create opportunities for the community to become partners committed to enriching the lives of the people served at the Richmond State Supported Living Center, send us an email.

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